Golf balls played after soccer event

Football dates back to medieval times and it seems that some legends believe the first ever football matches were played by teams of mobs at the public executions, usually using the execution victims head as the ball. Although this image is truly a fictitious one football does date way back to medieval times. It is thought that one of the first reference to football and kicking a ball came from Norfolk, England in 1321. Football has been played throughout schooling history, and early PE lessons for boys centred around football as a game. In 1848 the game of football was growing more popular and it was at this point in time that rules for football were devised.

A group of football clubs were called upon and a set of rules were put together. A couple of months after this meeting the FA was formed and the ‘Laws of the Game’ were formed, these laws are what soccer was built upon and although they have since undergone many changes, these rules are what still apply today. Soon after this event footballs first league was formed in the year 1888.

Football stadiums were built and thousands used to flock to support their favourite football team. Although up until the 1970’s this game really wasn’t about money it was about sportsmanship. All of the men who played in the 1966 World Cup clash did so for the love of the game, non of them came out of it rich men. Nowadays, football is all about money, and it is money that makes it possible to buy in the players, the better the football team, the more money they are likely to have. Manchester United and Chelsea, are up there at the top of the Premier League and this is due to the pure fact that they have more money than the other football teams.

A good relaxation trip for many footballers after a stressful season and many choose to play the relaxing game of golf, footballers such as Michael Owen, Alan Shearer and Teddy Sherringham, and lets face it these boys can afford the very best in golfing equipment such as golf balls ([3049]) and golfbags. As with football, golf is also very reliant on sponsorship money, and big sponsors are needed to back prestigious events such as the Ryder Cup.