Golf balls played after soccer event

Football dates back to medieval times and it seems that some legends believe the first ever football matches were played by teams of mobs at the public executions, usually using the execution victims head as the ball. Although this image is truly a fictitious one football does date way back to medieval times. It is thought that one of the first reference to football and kicking a ball came from Norfolk, England in 1321. Golf balls played after soccer event weiterlesen

Rock Band Picture on Stamps

The Penny Black was the first British stamp to be issued in 1840 and pictured the profile of Queen Victoria. Today the Penny Black is much sought after by stamp collectors with some willing to pay as much as £200 depending on the condition. The first stamp was produced on a sheet without perforations and had to be cut off before use. Postage stamps are used all over the world and many people enjoy stamp collecting as a hobby. Rock Band Picture on Stamps weiterlesen